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Planning a trip to Mallorca takes a little bit of strategy. And choosing a good place to stay in Mallorca can make your trip all that much more memorable. The island is much larger than most visitors realize so a bit of planning can cut down on drive time and make your trip more convenient.

I’ve had my fair share of visits to Mallorca. The first one was for over a week and the most recent, my family and I lived on the island for almost 6 weeks. I’ve done a lot of research on Mallorca, visited dozens of towns, and stayed at a fair share of hotels.

As you start to plan your Mallorca trip, you’ll quickly realize that there is a lot to see. My first tip is that if you’re there for under a week, it’s to know that you can’t do it all. But you can do the major highlights on both the western and eastern sides of the Balearic island in under 7 days.

Even on our first trip, we skipped Palma de Mallorca entirely (mostly because it was similar to our other home base of Barcelona). We focused entirely on coastal areas, hilltop villages, and beaches. I’m glad we did because what we experienced outside of Palma led us to return for over a month.

So I have some different ideas and planning strategies for where to stay in Mallorca. A few towns that (in my opinion) make for a great home base for exploring. I consider things like proximity, ease of exploring, and what is available in town if you don’t feel like adventuring out.

Read on to learn about where to stay in Mallorca, the best towns, and recommendations for hotels in those areas.

Short on Time? Here Are My Top Picks for Where to Stay in Mallorca:

  1. Deiá (Staying at Belmond La Residencia), for the best northwest location
  2. Santanyí (Staying at Can Ferrereta), for the best southeast location

For more on both towns, don’t miss my travel guides to Deiá and Santanyí. If you’re looking to explore more of the island, be sure to check out my full island travel guide and my roundup of the best hotels and best beaches on the island!

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Where to Stay in Mallorca: Best Towns to Base Yourself

The Best Towns to Stay in Mallorca (For 4-7 Days)

I always recommend the same two locations to friends and family for where to stay and see the best of the island.

These are great for a first-time, 4 to 7-day visit to the island, with time split evenly in both. With the two locations, you’ll be within arms reach of the best things to do on both sides of the island. It also gives you a very different experience in terms of landscape and scenery.

Here’s a map of the island for reference:

Best Northwest Mallorca Location: Deiá or Valldemossa

Travel Guide to Deiá, Mallorca

On the northwestern side of Mallorca are the famous hilltop mountain villages. Spanning from Valldemossa up to Sóller. There are several villages to choose from, my two recommendations are Deiá or Valldemossa for a first-time trip.

Both of these villages are within earshot of each other, but if I could choose, I’d go with Deiá. It’s closer to the sea, the village is very elevated in terms of dining, accommodations, and boutiques. Valldemossa is equally nice, but more old-world feeling and is just a bit further south.

The downside of Deiá is that accommodations run pricier, which is why Valldemossa is my second choice if there’s not something in the budget. Both villages have dining which makes it convenient if you want to just come back at night and stroll out for dinner.

You’ll be close to the highlights of this side of the island like the villages, the larger port town of Sóller, hiking in the Tramuntana mountains, and more.

Recommended Time: 2-4 Nights
Where to Stay in Deiá
  1. Belmond La Residencia, for the best luxury hotel
  2. Es Moli, for the best design for dollar hotel
  3. Hotel d’Es Puig, for the best budget-friendly stay
Where to Stay in Valldemossa
  1. Hotel Valldemossafor the best countryside hotel
  2. Mirabó de Valldemossafor the best luxury hotel
  3. Ca’s Papàfor the best design for dollar hotel

Best Southeast Mallorca Location: Ses Salines or Santanyí

The Ultimate Guide to Visiting Santanyí, Mallorca

On the eastern side of the island is where the best beaches and calas are. If you’ve seen those famous photos of turquoise waters, it’s likely there. Picking a base here is important because getting to the beach early is a must in high season.

My first choice is Santanyí or within earshot of Santanyí in a smaller town like Ses Salines. We lived in Ses Salines for our long stint, and it was perfect for exploring the eastern side.

Santanyí does get very busy, so for those who want a quieter experience but are only 10 minutes away, Ses Salines has the village experience. Both of these or even anything in between are great for getting around.

Recommended Time: 2-4 Nights
Where to Stay in Santanyí
  1. Can Ferreretafor the best adults-only hotel
  2. S’Hotelet de Santanyifor the best overall hotel
  3. Cal Reiet Holistic Retreatfor the best countryside hotel
Where to Stay in Ses Salines
  1. Villa Station by Cassai, for the best villa stay
  2. Sa Carrotjafor the best adults-only hotel

Other Great Towns in Mallorca to Stay In

You may be visiting for longer or even wanting to explore a bit differently. Below, I’ve listed out a few of my other favorite villages for a Mallorca trip. Some of the other towns and villages are smaller, more off-the-beaten-path, and others are well known.

You could easily add any of these to your Mallorca itinerary, or even sub one out if you feel one area drawing you in.


Where to Stay in Mallorca: Best Towns to Base Yourself

In the north of the island is the valley town of Pollença, sitting at the base of the Tramuntana Mountains. It’s close to the Port de Pollença (Puerto Pollensa) and Port d’Alcudia. I personally did not like Port de Pollença or Port d’Alcudia (gave me Cancun vibes?), but the valley itself backing into Pollença town was magical.

If you base yourself there in the town or countryside outskirts, you’re close to a lot to enjoy on the northern tip. Areas like Cala Sant Vicenç and Platja de Formentor (superb) are under a 30-minute drive. Cala Bóquer and more of the Formentor Peninsula are there as well.

I’d say it’s somewhere between popular and not as popular – not near the crowds of Sóller for instance.

Recommended Time: 2-3 Nights
Where to Stay in Pollença
  1. Son Brull Hotel & Spa, for the best overall resort hotel
  2. Mon Boutique Hotel, for the best boutique city hotel
  3. Can Aulí Luxury Retreat, for the best adults-only hotel


Where to Stay in Mallorca: Best Towns to Base Yourself

While Deià and Valldemossa are wonderful little villages if you’re looking for something bigger, head to Sóller. It’s the largest of the towns on the western side of Mallorca. You have two parts to the town — the port of Sóller and the village itself inland.

It’s a built-out city with many sights to see, you can even take the tram from the village down to the water. If you’re looking for the biggest town to stay in on this side of the island, then Sóller is it.

Recommended Time: 2 Nights
Where to Stay in Sóller
  1. Hotel Ca’n Roses, for the best chic hotel
  2. Hotel Salvia, for the best in-town hotel
  3. Finca Hotel Can Coll, for the best adults-only hotel
  4. Ca’s Xorc, for the best romantic stay


Head a bit further north of Sóller and you’ll find the quiet village of Fornalutx. While many visitors pass through on hiking excursions, this is my pick for “off-the-beaten-path.”

We came here a few times and only 15 minutes north of Sóller, it felt a world away from the crowds. It’s well worth considering this as a base or even an add-on. You’ll get the quiet village feel along with the amazing views.

Recommended Time: 2 Nights
Where to stay in Fornalutx
  1. Sa Tanqueta de Fornalutx, for the best luxury apartment hotel
  2. Hotel Can Verdera, for the best boutique hotel

Sant Elm

Where to Stay in Mallorca: Best Towns to Base Yourself

Located on the southwest coast of Mallorca, this fishing village is a local favorite. You have several wonderful beaches and small ports nearby and access to the western side.

It tends to run more quieter than say other port and beach towns in Mallorca. So it’s well worth considering this one as a base as well, and not all that far from the bustling port of Andratx.

Recommended Time: 2 Nights
Where to Stay in Sant Elm
  1. Zafiro Palace Andratx, for the best 5-star hotel nearby

Palma de Mallorca

While I tend to recommend Palma de Mallorca as a last stop for a night or two, it’s still worth considering adding to an itinerary. The city is vibrant, there is incredible food and wonderful shopping.

You have several monuments to explore like the Grand Cathedral and a handful of museums as well. Palma de Mallorca is somewhere I would consider adding to a trip if you have the time.

Recommended Time: 1-2 Nights
Where to stay in Palma de Mallorca
  1. Hotel Antigua Palmafor the best boutique hotel
  2. Sant Francesc Singularfor the best luxury hotel


Where to Stay in Mallorca: Best Towns to Base Yourself

Artà is arguably the most up-and-coming part of Mallorca. With the hip Es Racó d’Artà really putting the town on the map as a destination, so much has opened since.

You’re close to many of the best, quieter calas and beaches on the northeastern side of Mallorca. The town itself feels rather local, with charming streets and bustling restaurants. I’d recommend Artà for those looking to travel a bit more slowly.

Recommended Time: 2-3 Nights
Where to Stay in Artà
  1. Es Racó d’Artà, for the best hotel
  2. Yartan Boutique Hotel, for the best boutique stay
  3. Finca Sestelrica, for the best countryside stay

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The Best Towns to Stay in Mallorca (Where to Base Yourself)

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