Cala Figuera is without a doubt one of the most idyllic and picturesque towns in Mallorca. Located about 37 miles southeast of Palma, Cala Figuera is one of the top places to visit in Mallorca.

Nowadays, Cala Figuera is known as a very quaint and peaceful fishing village that has stunning port views and charming houses along the coast. One of my favorite things to do when spending time here is to grab a bite to eat while enjoying a stunning view of the port.

If you are planning a visit to Cala Figuera, it is important to note that there are two fingers of the town – Caló d’en Boira and Caló d’en Busques. Though there aren’t sandy beaches, both coves are beautiful in their own way, and I highly recommend exploring this fishing port if you have the chance. You’ll find a few people jumping in as well to cool off for a swim.

That said, here is a basic guide on everything you need to know about Cala Figuera!

How to Visit Cala Figuera

How to get to Cala Figuera

Cala Figuera is less than 40 miles away from Palma (Mallorca’s capital), and it is located within the municipality of Santanyí. Those looking to explore the small yet charming town of Santanyí will appreciate how easy it is to get from Santanyí to Cala Figuera. Just hop on the MA-6102 road and arrive in Cala Figuera in under 10 minutes!

However, Cala Figuera is also easy to reach if you’re coming straight from the airport. It is only a 50-minute car ride from the airport, and you’ll take the MA-19 (which is pretty easy to drive). That said, public transportation is not the best option for reaching Cala Figuera, so I highly recommend renting a car during your stay. If renting a car is not an option, a taxi is your next best bet. A taxi from the airport will cost around $60 USD.

Cala Figuera and Its History

Cala Figuera has a rich history and knowing a little about it before visiting will make your experience all the more special. One of the coolest facts about Cala Figuera is that it was where the famous mares sandstone was transported from Santanyí to other parts of Mallorca. Upon arrival, you’ll also see an old watchtower that was built in 1569 to defend against pirates.

The old homes are also a key component of Cala Figuera’s history, and the oldest house, which was built in 1899, was once owned by the Lords of Can Ferrereta. That said, there are a limited amount of vacation rentals in Cala Figuera, making it best for a short day trip while in Mallorca.

Where to Eat Seafood in Cala Figuera

Bon Bar – This is my favorite place for some fresh seafood and drinks. The beautiful patio looks right over the water, and there are shady umbrellas in place if you visit during the middle of the day. This tapas bar is ideal for a romantic lunch over small plates and cocktails, and I highly recommend making a stop here while in Cala Figuera. If you can, I would call in advance to reserve a table and ask for one against the railing for uninterrupted views. We had such a great meal here, I didn’t even take a photo!

Restaurante Pura Vida – Between the island-inspired decor and the panoramic ocean views, Restaurante Pura Vida allows you to indulge in a steak and seafood dinner while sitting on top of a cliff in Cala Figuera. This popular restaurant offers the ultimate al fresco dining experience, and though it is great for both lunch and dinner, I recommend coming at sunset if possible.

Restaurant L’Arcada Cala Figuera – Serving both traditional Spanish and international cuisine, Restaurant L’Arcada Cala Figuera is definitely one of the more formal restaurants in Cala Figuera. If you have to choose one spot for a nice sit-down dinner later in the evening, I would go with this one. The menu is seriously huge, and they have great pasta, pizza, seafood, and of course, paella.

Things to Do in Cala Figuera

Stroll Through the Old Port

Simply walking along the port and admiring all of the historic homes and architecture is a great way to spend an hour or two in Cala Figuera. There is something about exploring this town on foot that just feels right, and it almost transports you back in time.

Though there aren’t really any sandy beaches here, the water is still breathtaking, and in addition to history, there is so much natural beauty to take in.

Grab Drinks at Sunset

The sea views and fresh seafood are 100% the highlight of Cala Figuera. If you can plan your visit in the evening around sunset, you are sure to experience some idyllic views and golden lighting that makes for the best backdrop to some tasty cocktails or wine.

Both Restaurante Pura Vida and Bon Bar are great options for enjoying drinks at sunset. Just be sure to plan ahead and make reservations so that your spots are guaranteed.

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Take a boat tour 

If you’re looking for something new and exciting to do while visiting Cala Figuera, consider taking this boat tour along the coastline. From the historic sea caves that used to protect smugglers to the stunning rock formations Es Pontás, this 1.5 hour-long boat tour is a memorable activity for every kind of traveler.

The boat starts off in Cala Figuera and then takes you to Caló d’es Moro, and there is time set aside for guests to swim and snorkel once they reach Caló d’es Moro. You’ll also ride past the local fishing shacks of S’Almunia.

Go for a dip

Just like the rest of Mallorca, the water at Cala Figuera is breathtaking. In addition to being crystal clear, it is also bright blue, making it a tempting place to take a dip. That said, while you definitely have the option of swimming, it is technically a port, so expect to see lots of fishing boats coming in and out.

Also, there aren’t any sandy beaches in Cala Figuera, so if you plan on cooling off in the water, definitely bring some water shoes so that you’re fully prepared.

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How to Visit Cala Figuera

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