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Updated February 2024

Mallorca is without a doubt one of my favorite places in the world. If you’re looking for the most beautiful beaches in Mallorca to visit, this is my shortlist. I’m lucky enough to be spending part of the summer here with my family, and I simply can’t get enough of everything from the food to the culture to the hospitality.

That being said, the beaches in Mallorca are also some of the most stunning I’ve ever seen. While some are sandy and perfect for lounging, others have dramatic cliffs and rocky shores, ensuring that there is something for every kind of beachgoer.

There is nothing quite as magical as jumping into the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean, however, since there are so many different kinds of beaches in Mallorca, it’s important to know what to expect before planning your visit. From quiet coves that see few tourists to bustling beaches with magical rock pools, Mallorca is truly a dream.

That being said, I’ve put together this guide to the twelve most beautiful beaches in Mallorca so that you can experience all of the best spots during your next visit!

Planning a Trip to Mallorca? Here Are My Top Picks for the Best Hotels in Mallorca:

  1. Belmond La Residencia, for the best luxury hotel
  2. Sant Francesc Singular Palma de Mallorca, for the best city hotel
  3. Can Ferrereta, for the best adults-only hotel

For more, don’t miss my guides to where to stay in Mallorca and full list of the best hotels!

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The Most Beautiful Beaches in Mallorca

What to Know Before Visiting Mallorca

Time of Year

While summer is most popular, it’s important to note that the crowds and heat can be pretty intense. Of course, this is the best time to hit the beach. However, if you’re looking to escape the crowds, October is a really nice time of the year that still boasts decent weather.

Rental Car

Being able to have your own car is actually really nice in Mallorca, so I would recommend renting one just for convenience’s sake. I recommend booking with Discover Cars for the best rental car deals and coverage options.

How Many Days

At least one week! However, if you can afford to spend more time in Mallorca, that is never a bad idea.

Frequently Asked Questions: Mallorca Beaches

What Part of Mallorca has the Best Beaches? 

It depends on what you’re looking for! If you are hoping for bright blue water with more lively and popular beaches, the east side will probably be your favorite. However, if you prefer rocky coves or “calas,” you’ll find that the west side suits you better. One idea is to split your time across the two sides or pick a central location that allows you to do day trips either way.

Where is the Most beautiful Beach?

Mallorca is home to several stunning beaches, but in my opinion, Calo d’Es Moro is the most beautiful.

1. Caló des Moro

This is hands down my favorite beach in Mallorca. It is tucked away in a hidden cove, and despite the fact that it is on the smaller side, it is absolutely breathtaking. Whether you’re looking to swim or lounge, Caló des Moro offers a magical experience that is unlike any other. The views at sunset are also epic.

2. Cala Deià

Another stunning spot is Cala Deià (Read my full guide to Deià) It has similar turquoise waters in a small cove, however, the beach is rockier and there are no sand stretches. You’ll probably want some water shoes for this beach, but it really is beautiful, and there are some great rock pools to explore. My suggestion is to arrive well before the crowds by 10 am to get a parking spot at the paid lot. Most of the time the credit machine is only accepting coins, so be sure to have a few Euros with you.

3. Cala Santanyi

Most Beautiful Beaches in Mallorca

One of my favorite and most family-friendly beaches is the quaint and charming Cala Santanyi which is on the southeast side of the island (Read my full guide to Santayi). The water is very shallow, making it great for kids who like to swim but aren’t old enough for the deeper areas. There are also a few bars where you can grab a refreshing drink, making this Mallorca gem ideal for those seeking a laid-back beach day with the whole family.

4. S’Aramador

Most Beautiful Beaches in Mallorca

Considering S’Aramador has previously been named “The Best Beach in Europe” in a massive European vote, it is no surprise that it’s on this list. When we lived on Mallorca, this is the beach we came to most often. It is very sandy, making it easy to walk around and lounge on a towel in comfort. However, the surrounding trees and green park are what make this beach really special. S’Aramador is also great for snorkeling and seeing tons of marine life and fish. It’s located in the natural park of Mondrago, so you could go for a stroll from one cala to the next.

5. Cala D’en Borgit

Cala D’en Borgit, Mallorca

This small beach is surrounded by low cliffs, making it a great place to post up for sunset or golden hour. The views are amazing, and the pine trees create a cool contrast with the crystal clear water. This is one of the more quiet beaches, so if you’re looking for some solitude, consider Borgit. A free parking lot is nearby, making it more convenient than others.

6. Es Trenc

Es Trenc, Mallorca

Many of the beaches on this list are on the smaller side, but Es Trenc offers a wider stretch of sand and way more room to spread out (if you beat the crowds). The water is both calm and shallow, making it perfect for swimming and floating. It is also a pretty safe beach in regards to traveling with children, your kids will love being able to splash in the refreshing and mellow waves that roll in. There are fewer amenities here, I recommend bringing your own food and water.

7. Cala Pi

Most Beautiful Beaches in Mallorca

Sandwiched between two breathtaking cliffs, Cala Pi beach has everything from soft sandy beaches to crystal clear waters. It is excellent for swimming or paddle boarding if you are into water sports. There are also lots of boats that pass through since there is a nearby dock, creating a picturesque scene that you’ll remember forever.

8. Cala Sa Calobra

Cala Sa Calobra, Mallorca

Between the drastic cliffs that surround the beach and the river that flows into the water from a small stream, Cala Sa Calobra is definitely one of the more unique beaches in Mallorca. After parking at the nearby parking lot, you have to walk down along the harbor and past some restaurants before reaching the rocky beach. If you keep an eye out, you may even spot some of the local goats that roam along the cliffside.

9. Cala Llombards

Most Beautiful Beaches in Mallorca

Cala Llombards is a must-visit beach in Mallorca. This cove beach literally takes your breath away upon arrival, and the bright blue gradient of the water looks straight out of a fairytale. You’re just on the other side of Cala Santanyi, so you could walk between the two as well. I love posting up on the rocks at sunset for a jump into the water.

10. Cala S’Almunia 

With limestone walls and dark turquoise waters, Cala S’Almunia is more reminiscent of a natural pool than it is a beach. There isn’t much sand here, and I wouldn’t recommend bringing small kids since it can be difficult to navigate and walk around. However, it is a great place to swim and enjoy some other water activities.

11. Cala Tuent 

Cala Tuent, Mallorca

If you’re looking for a mixture of sandy beach and rocky terrain, Cala Tuent is the beach for you. There is also an amazing view of Puig Major (the tallest mountain in Mallorca) that you can admire right from Cala Tuent. It is a great beach for swimming, though I do recommend water shoes since there are lots of pebbles and rocks mixed in with the sand on the floor.

12. Cala Formentor

Most Beautiful Beaches in Mallorca

Cala Formentor is a natural beach in Mallorca that sits on a peninsula in the northeastern part of the island. There is a really nice vista point that is right near the beach where you can park your car, and the surrounding woods and mountains create such a serene backdrop to your beach day. In regards to length, Cala Formentor is pretty long. However, it is definitely on the narrower side.

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